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How to use the speed conversion tool

Select a speed unit from the "From" and the "To" dropdown lists. Then enter a value to convert from, and click the "Convert" button.

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1 mm/sec = 1 mm/sec
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Speed conversion table and explanation

mm/sec = millimeters per second
cm/sec = centimeters per second
m/sec = meters per second
km/sec = kilometers per second
km/hour = kilometers per hour (Kph)
Mile/sec = Miles per second
Mile/hour = Miles per hour (Mph)
Knot = Nautical miles per hour

Mach =  X Speed of sound
Mach is the speed of an object, measured in multiples of the speed of sound. So an airplane traveling at the speed of sound is said to be at Mach 1.
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Sound = Speed of sound
More commonly the term refers to the speed of sound in air. The speed varies depending on atmospheric conditions; the most important factor is the temperature. Here we have used standard sea level and a temperature of  15 C / 59 F, so the speed of sound (in air) is aprox: 340m/s , 1225 km/h, 761 mph, 661 knots
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Light = Speed of light (in vacuum)
"Speed of light" is the distance light can travel in a unit of time through a given substance. The speed of light through a vacuum is exactly 299,792,458 meters per second (aprox 186282.4 miles per second)
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1 centimeter = 10 mm
1 decimeter = 10 cm
 1 meter  =  100 cm
1 kilometer =  1,000 m

 1 foot = 12 inches
1 yard = 3 feet
1 (statute/int) mile= 1,760 yards
1 int. nautical mile= 1.150779 miles

Speed Converter Tool: Info and Disclaimer:

The speed conversion tool and charts are not meant for commercial purposes. I've tried to verify all of the numbers, but I can't guarantee that they are 100% correct so I would have appreciated that you contacted me (in the highly unlikely event :) if you should find any errors.