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How to use the length and distance conversion tool

Select a length unit from the "From" and the "To" dropdown lists. Then enter a value to convert from, and click the "Convert" button.
Naut. miles = International nautical miles
Miles = International/Statute Miles

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= 1
Calculation based on: (rounded)
1 millimeter = 1 millimeter
Rounded to 8 decimals
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Length and Distance Conversion Chart

From To Multiply By
inches (in) millimeters 25.4
millimeters (mm) inches 0.0394
inches centimeters 2.54
centimeters (cm) inches 0.3937
feet (f) meters 0.3048
meters (m) feet 3.281
yards (yd) meters 0.9144
meters yards 1.094
miles (mi) kilometers 1.609
kilometers miles 0.6214
nautical miles (mi (int)) kilometers 1.852
nautical miles miles 1.150779
leagues (eng) miles 3
miles leagues (eng) 1/3
nautical leagues nautical miles 3
nautical miles nautical leagues 1/3

1 centimeter = 10 mm
1 decimeter = 10 cm
 1 meter  =  100 cm
1 kilometer =  1,000 m

 1 foot = 12 inches
1 yard = 3 feet
1 (statute/int) mile= 1,760 yards
1 int. nautical mile= 1.150779 miles

Distance and Length Converter Tool: Info and Disclaimer:

The length and distance conversion tool and charts are not meant for commercial purposes. I've tried to verify all of the numbers, but I can't guarantee that they are 100% correct so I would have appreciated that you contacted me (in the highly unlikely event :) if you should find any errors.